DC Comic Book Heroes: Superman

Superman is from the planet Krypton. Superman lives in various places depending on the story and the exact canon. He lives in Metropolis, and this is supposedly located in New York State. Some canons say that it is literally in New York City. He crash-landed in Smallville, Kansas, which is where his parents Ma and Pa Kent are from, representing a sort of immigrant and All-American backstory.

Superman’s Super Powers

Superman has the full arsenal of superpowers. He is incredibly strong, and has been described as being exactly as strong as he needs to be given the situation. He has x-ray vision that can allow him to see into things. He can fly and leap from building to building. He’s also very fast when the situation calls for it. Superman also seems to be good at healing, and is truly only vulnerable to a substance that isn’t even found on Earth. As such, Superman can intervene in almost any situation.

Superman’s Enemies

Lex Luther is generally Superman’s arch enemy, although he has fought many different enemies over the course of the comic book series.

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